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Welcome to Leoni Naude Inc, a dynamic law firm located in Benoni, Gauteng. We are devoted to delivering exceptional legal advice and superior levels of service to our valued clients, both existing and prospective.

Navigating the intricacies of the law can be a complex and bewildering experience for those without legal training. We understand the overwhelming nature of the legal process, particularly when compounded by high levels of stress. That's why our primary objective is to help you comprehend your rights and the pertinent issues surrounding your case or transaction.

At Leoni Naude Inc, we prioritize regular and effective communication with our clients. Our commitment to prompt turnaround times on property transactions fosters an attorney-client relationship built on trust and satisfaction.

Our Mission and Values:

• Client Commitment: We are fully dedicated to our clients, ensuring their needs are met with utmost priority.

• Long-Term Relationships: We strive to build enduring relationships with our clients, fostering mutual trust and understanding.

• Integrity and Ethics: We conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards at all times.

• Personalized Service: We provide excellent service that is tailored to our clients' individual needs, offering them personal attention and care.

• Professional Excellence: We maintain and uphold rigorous standards of professionalism, ensuring the delivery of top-notch legal services.

Thank you for choosing Leoni Naude Inc. We look forward to serving you with our expertise and commitment.

Tel: 010 140 5775                            Cell: 071 863 8216                Email Us:

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