Our Practice areas

Criminal Law

Have confidence in our effective and proven defense strategies for every type of case, With Leoni Naude's prosecution experience, Get started today!


Property Transfers

Let us make your property transfer as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Document Legalisation Services

Notaries often attest to the authenticity of signatures and certify the authenticity of copies.

Wills & Testaments

We offer tailor-made services in drafting and executing wills to suit every individual’s specific needs and to give effect to the particular estate planning strategies implemented. It is a key instrument to ensure that your life’s endeavors leaves a lasting legacy much larger than yourself. 

Antenuptial Contracts

Do you want a fast and cost effective hassle free Antenuptial Contract? Leoni Naude INC is your solution.We offer tailor-made services in drafting your ANC to suit every individual’s specific needs 

Like any story, life has a beginning and an end. The beginning is normally announced with much joy and happiness. The end leaves an emptiness and fills one with sadness. The end also brings with it many problems, not the least of which is the winding up of the estate of a dear deceased. What does one do, and how does one do it? Where does one begin? Let us help you!

Family & Divorce Law

“Personal Guidance Through Simple and Complex Divorce Matters”

Few areas of law involve more distress than that of family and divorce law. Family law can involve parting from someone you may still love but no longer trust or wish to be with. It can involve extreme anxiety regarding your relationship with your minor children. It can involve the possibility of losing half of everything you owned and worked hard for.

Do you need to do CIPC Company Registration in South Africa? We can assist


Let us take care of your accounting/tax/payroll so you can focus on your business.

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