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Primary Duties of a Notary Public in South Africa

In South Africa, the role of a notary public is distinct and carries responsibilities that are crucial for the legal validation of various documents and transactions. Notaries are highly trained legal professionals who ensure that certain documents are authentic, and that they conform to the legal standards required for those documents to be legally binding. This post explores the primary duties of notaries in South Africa, highlighting their importance in the legal landscape.

Authentication of Documents

One of the fundamental duties of a notary in South Africa is the authentication of documents. This involves verifying the authenticity of signatures and ensuring that the parties signing the documents do so willingly and under no duress. Authentication by a notary provides a document with a degree of legal protection and trustworthiness, often required in international transactions.

Drafting and Execution of Notarial Contracts

Notaries are also responsible for drafting and executing notarial contracts. These are specialized documents, such as antenuptial contracts and servitudes, which require a higher level of certification and formality. Notarial contracts must be drafted with precision and clarity to ensure they are legally binding and meet specific statutory requirements.

Administration of Oaths and Affirmations

Another critical duty of notaries is the administration of oaths and affirmations. This is essential for the preparation of affidavits and statutory declarations. By administering an oath, a notary certifies that the person making the statement has sworn to its truth, which can be necessary for court proceedings and other legal matters.

Protest of Notes and Bills of Exchange

Notaries in South Africa may be called upon to formally protest notes and bills of exchange. This is a declaration made by a notary that a bill has been presented and payment or acceptance has been refused. The protest notes the reasons for non-payment, serving as proof in legal proceedings that might ensue.

Certification of Copies of Documents

Notaries frequently certify copies of documents, verifying that these are true copies of the original documents. This duty is vital in legal, business, and personal affairs where certified copies are required for records, applications, and other processes.


The duties of a notary public in South Africa are integral to the legal system, providing services that uphold the integrity and authenticity of various documents. Whether it’s for personal use, business transactions, or legal requirements, the work of notaries ensures that documents are trustworthy and comply with legal standards. Understanding these roles can help individuals and businesses better navigate their legal obligations and requirements in South Africa.

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