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Understanding Antenuptial Contracts (ANC) in South African Law

Antenuptial Contracts (ANC) are crucial legal agreements for couples in South Africa planning to marry. An ANC determines how assets and liabilities will be divided in the event of divorce or death, offering protection and clarity for both parties.

The Importance of Antenuptial Contracts (ANC)

In South African law, an Antenuptial Contract (ANC) ensures that a marriage is out of community of property, with or without accrual. This is essential for couples who wish to protect their individual assets acquired before and during the marriage. Without an ANC, the marriage is automatically considered in community of property, meaning all assets and liabilities are shared equally, which can complicate financial matters in case of a separation.

Types of Antenuptial Contracts (ANC)

There are two types of Antenuptial Contracts (ANC) in South African law:

  1. ANC with Accrual: This type allows for a fair division of assets acquired during the marriage, while assets owned before the marriage remain separate.

  2. ANC without Accrual: This type keeps each party's assets and liabilities entirely separate throughout the marriage.

Choosing the right ANC is vital, and couples should seek legal advice to understand the implications fully.

Drafting and Registering an Antenuptial Contract (ANC)

To draft an Antenuptial Contract (ANC), couples must consult a notary public. The ANC must be executed before the marriage and registered in the Deeds Office within three months of signing. This registration ensures that the ANC is legally binding and enforceable.

Benefits of an Antenuptial Contract (ANC)

An Antenuptial Contract (ANC) offers numerous benefits, including financial protection, clarity in asset division, and peace of mind. It allows couples to enter marriage with a clear understanding of their financial rights and responsibilities, preventing potential disputes in the future.


Antenuptial Contracts (ANC) are a vital aspect of marital planning in South Africa. By understanding the types and benefits of ANCs, couples can make informed decisions to protect their financial interests. Consulting a legal expert is essential to ensure that the ANC is tailored to their specific needs and properly registered.

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