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Understanding Antenuptial Contracts: What You Need to Know

In South Africa, marriage is not just an emotional and personal commitment but also a legal one with significant implications. One of the most critical legal steps you can take before tying the knot is understanding and considering an antenuptial contract (ANC). Here’s what you need to know:

What is an Antenuptial Contract?

An antenuptial contract is a legal document signed before marriage, outlining how the couple's assets and liabilities will be managed during the marriage and in the event of a divorce or death. It essentially sets the terms for how the financial aspects of the marriage will be handled, offering protection and clarity for both parties.

Why is an ANC Important?

  1. Clarity and Security: An ANC provides clear guidelines on the management of assets and debts, which can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.

  2. Protection of Individual Assets: Without an ANC, South African law defaults to a marriage in community of property, meaning all assets and liabilities are shared equally. An ANC can protect individual assets from being automatically pooled.

  3. Tailored Agreements: Couples can customize the terms of their ANC to suit their specific needs and circumstances, providing flexibility and personal control over their financial affairs.

Types of Antenuptial Contracts

  1. With Accrual: This option allows each spouse to retain individual ownership of their premarital assets. However, the accrual system ensures that any wealth accumulated during the marriage is shared equally. This is a fair way to acknowledge both partners' contributions during the marriage.

  2. Without Accrual: In this arrangement, each spouse's assets and liabilities remain entirely separate throughout the marriage. This is often chosen by individuals with significant assets or businesses they want to keep independent.

How to Register an ANC

  1. Consult an Attorney: It’s essential to consult with an attorney who specializes in family law to draft the contract according to your specific needs and legal requirements.

  2. Sign Before Marriage: The ANC must be signed before the wedding. If it's signed afterward, it won't be legally valid.

  3. Register with the Deeds Office: After signing, the ANC must be registered with the Deeds Office within three months to be enforceable.


An antenuptial contract is a crucial legal tool for protecting your financial interests and ensuring transparency and fairness in your marriage. By understanding the different types of ANCs and their benefits, you can make an informed decision that best suits your future. For personalized advice and assistance in drafting an ANC, contact Leoni Naude Inc., where we prioritize your legal security and peace of mind.

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